• One-opoly
    The Green Party is growing and expanding all across the country, well not here in the United State of Texas but across that other county. The political system is designed and fixed by and for the “duopoly”, but the Demo-Repo Party is actually a “oneopoly”. One party rule pretending to be two parties in one […]
  • See No Evil?
    Maybe 10 or 12 years ago I wrote a letter to the editor about illegal immigration.  All I recall of the letter: Republicans want illegal immigration, for hard workers, who work cheap and are easy to abuse. Democrats want open immigration for future amnesty, so they get more voters and the church wants more young […]
  • Grand New Idea
    Every grand new idea comes along, unwelcome outside a closed locked door. A good idea for people, is not a good idea for business. Until business is in a position to profit, or unless it’s a military idea, then it’s classified and implemented post haste. A good idea for you and me usually takes 20 […]
  • Green Candidate 2020 SETX
    I will most likely be on the 2020 ballot for US House of Representatives SETX #36 Green Party. I’m no politician, I don’t beg for money, I don’t think I can win. I’m here to tell a new story. I live 6-7 miles across the Neches River from Port Neches Tx. where the petrochemical plant […]
  • Out Beyond the Wall
    Out Beyond the Wall ~ Copyright 2018 words & music Hal J. Ridley, Jr. ~  Out Beyond the wall veterans of the trees fall down to their knees They curse and pound the ground for all of the dead buried their who cannot breath a sound They all lived in them younger days younger days […]
  • Where is Iran?
    Resident trumpty nor his minions could not find Iran on a world map. He and they have forgotten or never learned we live in a Constitutional Democracy, governed by the rule of law, equal justice and no one is above the law. Premeditated murder of a foreign leader in a foreign country without a declaration […]
  • Who against Bernie?
    Who’s against Bernie: Hillary, Bill, Biden, Obama, Trumpty, Gates, Bezos, Epstein if he is alive. Judge someone by the enemies they keep, those who hate them, because they fear them! Those very people who have worked for decades screwing things up for their own benefit are horrified things might get better? We regular people may […]
  • Blinded by the Lie
    Corporate and social conservatism is the economic and political philosophy of mass extinction. Hopefully they will self-extinguish  instead of taking the rest of us with them.  Simple life on our planet is around 3 billion years old, complex life is maybe 600 million years old. In all of that time nature has had one overriding […]